Course Modules

1 & 2 day Disruptive Selling Courses

Creating differentiation is fundamental in competitive sales situations but is becoming increasingly hard to achieve.  Customers have large amounts of well-considered, expert, information and usually have well founded opinions before they even engage with you.

All sales people need to become better at changing opinions to improve sales, moving the goal posts and challenging the status quo. It is essential to understand and practice all the elements of Disruptive Selling. Cloud 9 Solution’s 1 & 2-day sales training courses achieve this goal.

It is an in-depth, but fun, study of the three cornerstones to Disruptive Selling. Understand. Disrupt. Win. Each of the cornerstone studies reviews the competencies that are required and provides a unique ‘look in the mirror’ at how effective delegates are at executing on these competencies. Together, these provide a roadmap to improve sales performance. Finally, the competencies are put into practice with a competitive Case Study that simulates a real-life sales opportunity and which builds and runs through the course from qualification to closing a sale

Like all sales people, we dislike form filling and complex sales planning charts. Instead we have developed a few very simple, highly relevant sales aids that capture what needs to be known and monitored throughout the sales process. These aids are introduced during each of the modules. Together, they represent a powerful sales planning tool   for use by salespeople in their everyday sales lives.

The whole sales course is supported by our unique Disruptive Selling Assessment Tool (DSAT) that measures the core competencies of the team and provides an action plan for improvement. There is the option to re-assess the team’s competence at intervals following the course, so that the improvement can be monitored. All data is presented to management in a simple, easy to understand report format.

Our sales training is truly accountable. The improvement in a team can be accurately measured. Improved sales closing and better teamwork will be the result.

Be bold – Push the boundaries – Disrupt to create change and win


  • A sales team that fully understands Disruptive Selling and how to win at it
  • Delegates take away very simple sales aids to introduce into their everyday sales lives
  • Management and sales teams can introduce new and simple tools for account review – assessing actions vs. risk
  • Management have a clear view of the competence ‘health’ of the team and defined actions for improvement.
  • The option for ongoing monitoring of the team to see the improvement over time.
  • A more successful sales team that wins more business – more often.

Who should attend?

Who should attend?

Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals. Also, anyone involved in the sales process such as Pre-Sales will also benefit.

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