Course Modules

1/2 Disruptive Selling Course

Sometimes, we just need to know the truth in order to improve sales and move forward.

When your Sales Team is asked what they need for their own development and what else they need from the company – the chances are they will tell you!

However, if you could find out anonymously via a simple Q&A sheet, what they need, there is a good chance you might get a different answer.

If you can also get an accurate assessment of the competencies of the sales team, along with a clear action plan of what is required to improve – and a way of measuring that improvement over time – this will undoubtedly lead to an even better performing sales team and increased sales.

This ½ Day Sales Training Course, (which can be added to the start or end of a regular sales team meeting), makes use of some of the core elements of the 2-Day Disruptive Selling course. The central approach is a ‘look in the mirror’ exercise that studies how effective delegates are as a team – and individually –at executing the key components of Disruptive Selling from qualification through to closing a sale. It provides a broad insight of the core competencies of the sales team and what is required for them to improve.

The course introduces the three cornerstones of Disruptive Selling, Understand. Disrupt. Win. Specific questions for each of the three cornerstones are then put to the delegates, both at a team and individual level. These are scored against a sophisticated matrix, along with their recommendations on what actions are required for improvement. All feedback is anonymous. The information is processed and presented to management in a simple format, detailing the current competency levels of the team, along with the key sales team actions required for improvement. There is the option to continue this assessment at agreed intervals following the course, so that ongoing improvement can be monitored and measured.

Accountable sales training – better performing sales teams –  increased sales.

Be bold – Push the boundaries – Disrupt to create change and win


  • Introduction to the cornerstones of Disruptive Selling Understand. Disrupt. Win
  • Accurate indicators of the core competence of your sales team
  • Detailed recommendations, based on anonymous feedback, on actions are required for team improvement
  • Opportunity for the introduction of an ongoing, team competence measuring tool.

Who should attend?

Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals. Also, anyone involved in the sales process such as Pre-Sales will also benefit.


The Disruptive Selling ½ day is a standalone course. However, delegates would still benefit from attending the 2-Day Disruptive Selling Course.

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