1/2 Day Disruptive Selling Workshops

  • Qualification
  • Value Propositions
  • Executive Engagement
  • Closing the Sale

Cloud 9 Solutions has created a set of workshops on key sales topics targeted at your sales teams. The workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs and the desired outcomes are agreed with you beforehand. If we do not deliver on these pre-defined outcomes, we will refund your investment.

We will sit down with you to understand your sales organisation and drill down to specific areas where improvement is needed. We will then construct workshop(s) to deliver the outcomes we have jointly defined. Sessions are always fun and lively and each ½ day goes by extremely quickly.

With a mixture of facilitator led discussions and breakout groups we capture the combined knowledge within the room and discuss best practice to enhance the team’s overall sales effectiveness.

We find that ½ day sessions dovetail easily into existing sales team get-togethers, leaving you time to cover the other usual topics such as numbers and product updates. The sales teams are always pleased to have external input with a fresh approach.

Our sales training is truly accountable. The improvement in a team can be accurately measured. Improved sales closing and better teamwork will be the result.


• A new and better understanding of a specific sales topic
• Simple outcomes for delegates that are easy to remember and to incorporate within their everyday sales lives
• New and simple tools for account reviews and assessing actions
• The option for ongoing monitoring of the team to track improvement over time.
• A more successful sales team that wins more business – more often.

Who should attend?

Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals. Also, anyone involved in the sales process such as Pre-Sales will also benefit.

Call 01243 537818 or email info@cloud9solutions.co.uk