Improving sales team performance

A butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico and causes a hurricane in China. Sales is not exactly driven by chaos theory but in the same way even a small change in sales team performance can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line.

Sales team performance is measurable across the whole sales cycle. Understanding your market and your customer better will lead to an improved qualification process. Targeting messages more accurately within the customer organisation will affect change in the customers thinking. Without this you will either lose deals or be stuck in a fight to the bottom on price. And finally, improving your bid content and negotiation techniques will drive more and better deals. At Cloud 9 Solutions we have identified 14 sales competencies across the sales cycle. We address all of these in our Disruptive Selling program under the three core pillars of selling: Understand, Disrupt and Win.

Classroom training along with fun case studies and breakout sessions are a great way to learn new ideas but when you are back in the workplace and under pressure to deliver it is so easy to revert to what you know best and continue working in the old ways. We do everything we can to minimise this tendency and to affect this, our sales training is guided by two core principles:

  • Learnings must be simple to remember and easy to use
  • Reinforcement must happen in the workplace

Not only does Cloud 9 Solutions achieve this with its Disruptive Selling Program but we also have developed a reporting tool to assess a sales team’s performance against the 14 sales competencies. We make recommendations for the actions to be taken to drive improvement in key areas and then follow up with re-assessments to measure improvement over time.

The results can be staggering. A slightly better qualification process and small improvements in conversion rates can drive a 5x to 20x ROI on training investment.

This sounds great and compelling but we know it is not easy to take sales teams off the road for a couple of days no matter how positive the arguments may be. So take a modular approach to sales training. Extend your QBRs by half a day and train the team over a number of sessions. Then sit back by the fax machine and watch the increased sales roll in!