We have written a few articles related to sales training which we hope are of interest to you:

Sales training courses for channels

How, as a vendor, you can use sales training as an enabler to a more productive relationship with your channel partners.

Sales techniques to command a premium and protect margins

Ideas from sales training courses to enable change and keep out of a price war to sell your solutions for the price they deserve.

Forecasting to improve sales efficiency

With a backdrop of the importance of accurate sales forecasting, we discuss how Cloud 9 Solutions helps enable this important facet of a sales plan.

Negotiation and the art of winning

How you prepare for an effective negotiation and how it forms a key element of the Cloud 9 Solutions sales training courses.

The importance of good qualification

How, by having a good understanding of the customer’s business you can be far more selective in your opportunity pursuits and hence improve close rates.

When to walk away from a sale

As part of your ongoing qualification process, there will be times when you need to take the hard decision rather than pursuing opportunities you are never going to win.

Improving conversion rates

This article explains the key business impacts of sales qualification   and how being selective where you put your efforts will improve this.

Improving sales team performance

How the 14 sales competences we cover in our sales training helps enable greater sales performance.

The benefit of sales training

How sales training influences the whole team to deliver a very impressive ROI.

Changing the game

How using our sales training courses will enable change within your customer and win more sales.

Winning Complex Sales

Large “must win” sales opportunities form a major part of how to improve sales numbers. It is therefore important to put in the right amount of time to ensure you win, Cloud 9 Solutions sales training courses and workshops will enable you to improve sales performance.