Course Modules


SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE methodology is our motto – if it’s not simple you won’t have time to implement it, and if it’s not effective then there’s no point in trying! The improved opportunity close rates of our existing high-profile clients is testimony to the effectiveness of this course and the methodology presented.

In contrast to many other Strategic Selling courses on the market,SSOR will enable delegates to achieve their sales goals using a simple but effective, repeatable, scalable and proven process rather than folders full of unnecessary paperwork.

The SSOR uses just three simple steps to stimulate all the debate required to build a winning Opportunity Plan and review it on a regular basis to ensure that you have the maximum chance of closing the business. Success in opportunity planning and review is not an accident!

Course Description

This course is the starting point for all Sales Leaders and sales team members wishing to implement the Planning Framework. Whether you choose the 2-day instructor-led class or the 8-hour virtually-led Webex option, the objective is the same: to train, update or refresh on the fundamental principles of Strategic Selling and best practice Opportunity Plans.

The flow of the course guides the participant through an examination of the complex environment that characterises the modern sales engagement. Market conditions, business drivers, project initiatives and critical success factors within the potential customer are analysed alongside the external and internal roles of the vendor’s sales person, in order to understand the importance of elevating the sales pitch from simple opportunity pursuit towards genuine demand or value creation.

This is achieved through five self-contained modules, each comprising theoretical training followed by an opportunity for small-group preparation. The culmination of the course is a formalised Opportunity Review using live opportunity data from all of the previous modules in front of the whole class for peer-group critique.


Target Audience

Account Managers, Systems Engineers, Sales Management, Systems Engineering Management, Sales Executive Management, Sales Overlay Functions, Customer Advocacy/Services


Previous exposure to Strategic Selling methodology an advantage but not essential.

Module Descriptions

Have we adequately qualified this business? Do we understand the customer and the market conditions they face? Can we define our unique business value? Do we understand the political environment surrounding the opportunity? Is this business truly a win for our company? Using a series of 20 simple but very pointed questions, learn how to qualify your major opportunities with precision. This module will equip you with Planning Framework skills in Intelligence and Perception.
Do we have correct political alignment within this opportunity? Do we know who wins if we win and who wins if we lose? Do we know who wants the competition or business-as-usual? Do we know the main influencers, both for and against us? Learn how to apply a simple methodology on a regular basis to ensure that all the political bases are covered. This module will equip you with Planning Framework skills in Perception.
When we “touch” an opportunity, are we sure that everyone in our team will do so with a consistent strategy versus the competition? If not, we are setting ourselves up to confuse the potential customer and lose the business. Learn how to apply Strategic Selling methodology to ensure that our sales campaign is unique and aligned to the correct competitive strategy. This module will equip you with Planning Framework skills in Intelligence and Action.
Can we succinctly articulate the unique business value that we bring in a way that is tailored to our particular audience for today? Learn how to apply the basic solution selling fundamentals of “Feature, Advantage and Benefit” to our daily interactions with the customer at whatever level this may be – operations, management or executive. This module will equip you with Planning Framework skills in Action planning.
Do we possess the necessary skills to run an opportunity review in the space of just one hour anytime that a team member “loses faith”, whatever their role? Learn a simple but highly time-effective role-play system that will allow you to revalidate your opportunity qualification whenever required.