Sales techniques to command a premium and protect sales margins

Those of you who have been in sales for a while will be familiar with the muttering that sometimes comes from some colleagues, typically from other functions within your organisation. The kind of comments you may hear include things like “oh, shame they gave it away” or “why do we always sell on price when we have such a superior solution?”. It’s a bit like us sat in front of the TV watching a sports match and shouting from the sidelines “why didn’t he pass it then? “. The reality is that it’s a lot harder on the pitch than it is on the sidelines, isn’t it?

In sales, we are on the field of play with all eyes on us. We are the strike force that is supposed to put the ball in the back of the net. It’s not an easy job as your opposition, of which there may be many, are all claiming to have superior solutions to you, particularly in a crowded market. So how do you stop them scoring?  The easiest and most common method is to revert to a price war and our sales training helps you with sales techniques to avoid this

Recent research in the changes in buyer behaviour observes that sales opportunities where there is a lack of consensus are significantly less likely to pay a price profitable to the vendor than when there is consensus. When there is a collective learning and all come together there is a big uplift in the margin, the Cloud 9 Solutions sales courses will enable you with superior b2b sales techniques to achieve greater margins.

So, how do you create an environment where you can establish a clear value for your solution to improve sales and not get dragged into a price dog fight? The main influencer for this is the timing of your engagement. Typically, more than 5 people are now involved in a complex buying decision and by the time the prospective customer reaches out to you, they are over 50% down the procurement road.  More people to speak to in less time – so the sooner you can engage with the customer the better. Interestingly, early engagement also provides you with one of your best chances to influence the decision. The hardest task for the decision-making team is to agree on what they need. Get in fast and change the game. Be disruptive and get the team thinking your way.

To create a consensus within a diverse buying group we need to find common denominators, points where the buying group can agree. This is covered in the Understand section under of our Disruptive Selling sales courses one of the core pillars of our program. Only by understanding more about your customer and the market conditions in which they are operating can you really start to change the game. To create change and consensus with your customer you need to identify the person(s) within the customer we call your “change agent”. During our sales courses, we take you through the characteristics to look out for to choose your change agent(s). Someone who is prepared to put their head above the parapet and act as your salesperson within your customer’s organization.

Once you and your change agent(s) have established the messaging that will create a consensus across the decision makers we work with you to put into place the sales plans and techniques to execute. We will work with you on creating the optimal timings, change agent engagement and execution plan to ensure we can silence the naysayers and create true value for your solution. A proven way in which you can improve sales performance.