Sales training courses for channels

Cloud 9 Solutions has a pedigree of providing sales training courses across the UK to a wide range of technology vendors. Our sales courses have enabled our clients to increase sales and improve sales performance. By a mixture of facilitated sales training courses and 1-2-1 sales coaching, organisations who had been struggling in crowded and competitive markets have affected change within the customer to generate sales more profitably.

One of the questions that we are increasingly being asked is, “can you show us how to improve sales for our channel partners?”. The answer is “yes”! Technology vendors in crowded markets often struggle to show differentiation or “value add” in order for the channel partner outlets to choose them over any other number of vendors with similar technology. There are a number of ways in which you can gain their attention. Margin is the obvious one but ease of doing business, demand creation and market presence are other good examples of attributes that may differentiate you. But what if these are just table stakes and your competition has similar offerings along these lines?

Cloud 9 Solutions offers a way in which you can provide sales training courses to channels that will be tailored to your needs and specific value propositions.  We use our proven Disruptive Selling sales methodology that is simple to use and easy to remember. We offer measurable and guaranteed improved sales performance and an ROI typically of 5-20X investment. Your channels will be trained in the optimum way in which to sell your solutions. The results are increased sales for you and your channel coupled with a more synergistic relationship that will set you apart from your competitors.

The way it works is that, just like for any sales course, we sit down with you to understand how we might provide sales training courses to your team and to channel partners. We would train your team and then develop sales training courses for your channels specifically focused around your solutions.

Your channels will latch onto our simple to use, easy to remember mantra around the core pillars of Understand, Disrupt and Win. They will learn key principles on how to create change within their customers to enable you both to win more profitably. By all having the same sales training courses, you and your channel partners will operate and interact with a common way of qualifying and dealing with each customer opportunity. As a sales leader, you will receive a full assessment report on the key strengths of each channel pertaining to your solutions. This will enable you to further refine your engagement with them to ensure they are performing optimally for you.

As we offer commercially flexible packages depending on how you want the business model to work sales training courses can be held at your premises, your partner’s or a neutral venue.