We at Cloud 9 Solutions have all been senior sales leaders. We have experienced a wide variety of sales training and management techniques during our careers and understand the key ingredients required to empower world class sales teams. Our real-life experiences combined with the latest research in buyer behaviour has enabled the creation of our Change the Game B2B sales training program.

With a clear vision and focus on large complex B2B sales, we are masters of our subject matter. In the development of our sales courses we have employed the key concepts that are proven to deliver fast and measurable results.  We will deliver continuous improvement to your whole sales team.

“Simple to use and easy to remember” is our mantra. Sales professionals will not be weighed down with reams of forms to fill. Understand:Disrupt:Win are our cornerstones.

The key to our sales training programs are defined outcomes that  will drive ROI’s of 5x to 20x through increased sales productivity. Our Disruptive Selling Assessment Tool (DSAT) provides a simple enabler for tracking the development of the sales team. Management reports are easy to interpret and will give you an objective assessment of progress over time.

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality sales training possible.