Winning complex sales

Large deals come with big risks – and big rewards. It can take anywhere from 6 months to several years to close one of these deals and in the end you can be left with nothing but a 7 figure bill for all your efforts. Large deals are strategic to a company’s success. There are few of them around, they are complex and they are worth investing whatever it takes to get an edge over the competition.

Anyone who has been involved in a large sale will recognise what we are saying and probably has the scars of battle to prove it. It was ever thus. And yet, whilst the fundamental scenario remains the same, there have been significant changes in the buying processes for complex sales over the past 15 years. Within the customer base there are now more people involved in the decision making process and, with the quality of the information on the internet, the customer is often much better informed and opinionated about you, your competition and the key requirements for success.

More decision makers, more influencers and probably shortened response timescales require the sales team to do more, faster but with the same quality. The pressure on the sales team and on sales management is increasing and it is imperative that everyone directly involved in a deal is trained in sales techniques that create focus on the core issues that will drive good decision making and sales closure.

It is also important to realise early on that the core team cannot do all the selling themselves. Matrix management is important but not just internally. The matrix needs to include your key friends within the customer. Sales teams need to recognise that they are not going to get to every influencer and decision maker in the customer base by themselves. The sales team needs to  identify change agents within the customer base who will act as an extension of the sales team. The change agents need to be coached and fed with information and to be treated as a vital cog in the selling engine.

We recently had the opportunity to review a sales training program for strategic selling and were surprised to see it was no different to the courses we undertook some 25 years ago. Of course, a lot of the material is still applicable, but with Cloud 9 Solutions’ Disruptive Selling Program we have taken the next step and updated strategic/complex sales training to reflect the new 21st century reality.

We have also created a workshop program to focus on specific complex sales opportunities. With large, key must win deals a day dedicated to setting the win strategy, the messaging and agreeing the action plan across the whole virtual sales team adds terrific value. Please keep on browsing to find out more about our full sales training program.